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WARNING: Due to little used methods, you are about to uncover insider secrets to finding 1000s of top paying adsense™ keywords, creating sites around those keywords and making $X - $XX PER CLICK! Proceed ONLY if you can handle that kind of passive income.

Shockingly Exposed Secrets Reveal How To Find 1000s Of The
Highest-Paying Keywords & Clean Up With Simple Little Mini Sites...

...and you will get to see this information before the general public - This is a limited time pre-launch


Mike Carraway (aka winebuddy) here and I am about to tell you a story that, when I first heard it, I found hard to believe. Imagine someone told you that an Adsense site was earning 6 figures a month... what would you think?

$15/click? BS meter off the SCALE!!!

But hold on to your opinion, restrain your judegement, and listen to the story of Mr. X. I cant tell you his real name - he is a very well paid SEO genius and highly placed in whats called site architecture - and doesnt want his job in joepardy.

He gets to actually see the WHALES of adsense sites. He studies them, he makes recommended changes, and best of all - he can NAIL $15 keywords that get traffic.

from Mr. X: I started my internet marketing career by accident back in 2004. After evacuating from Hurricane Ivan to a hotel in an unfamiliar city, I got bored and built my first website.

Thats when the real learning began, and over the next three years I built an empire around creating micro niche websites. I currently have about 300 micro niche websites in my possession, spanning Clickbank, Amazon and now... Adsense™.

Last year, while researching a niche for Amazon, I accidentally clicked a button and made an amazing discovery:

I was looking at a keyword that would make me more per click than the commission I would have made from the Amazon product. Not to mention, the potential CTR was better than the conversion of the physical product.

My little discovery lead to a whole new direction for me. I turned from Amazon (I turned from Clickbank long ago), and started looking into Adsense™.

In Just a minute, Youre going to discover how to make more from Adsense™ than you ever thought imaginable

With an empire of websites that bring high paying clicks, imagine the income that those sites will generate month after month.

Making money with adsense™ isnt rocket science. The problem is putting together a system that will allow you to efficiently find keywords and build optimized sites around them. There are really only four steps:
Build a website
Add content
Place your adsense™ ads
Get traffic
You already knew those steps, didnt you? Who doesnt? What you dont know are the secret keys to unlocking the full potential of an adsense™ empire.

it isnt all about traffic. Its about CPC,
traffic, and... site structure.

What if I told you that the 2nd site earned ALMOST as much as the 1st site? Would you be shocked? The first one is built to target low paying keywords and isnt structured correctly. The second one? Correct Google loving site structure and Panda safe (and it targets a $6/click keyword!)

from Mr. X straight to you...

What you will learn

Here is exactly what you will discover inside this 50 page monster:

Uncover High Paying Keywords. This WSO is based on going after the big dogs of adsense™ keywords. You will not be disappointed once you see this.

How to use your exclusive keyword mapping technique. You will uncover thousands of the highest paying keywords in minutes. Just having this information will be worth $1000s of dollars to you.

Dig deep into niches. Just because you target a niche with with a high average CPC doesnt mean you are going to get high CPC ads. You have to go deeper.

Secretly Discover high CPC keywords others are missing. Not all high paying adsense™ keywords are highly competitive. There are some hidden gems out there that no one knows about. You are going to learn how to find them. But dont tell anyone, theyll all be doing it.

Get started, even if you have no money. In todays economy, people are struggling to make it. You might not have the resources to buy domains, hosting and other tools. Guess what? It is not a problem. This system will show you how to start with nothing, and grow into a successful marketer.

Rake in the cash with Panda tested site architecture. You are provided the exact site structure that bring the best click thru rate for sites running adsense™ ads.

Discover how to target those high paying keywords. Learning how to uncover high paying adsense™ keywords would be worthless without a plan designed to teach you how to effectively target those keywords.

Explode your income with dollars per click. I am going to show you how to maximize your mini sites to suck every ounce of juice out of the adsense™ ads on your site. You will be watching in amazement as your adsense™ account grows quickly.

A crash course in creating content. Content scares a lot of people. It takes to time to write articles. I am going to show you effective ways of maximizing your time, and adding valuable content to your website.

Maximize you results with proper optimization. These simple techniques are so easy to put into action, you will be generating huge income for the life of your sites. Most people miss the mark here, because they over complicate things.

Master the art of traffic. Would you like to learn the simple, most effective ways to get traffic to your website? Youre in luck. I am going to teach you how to use a few highly effective traffic strategies that will increase the number of adsense™ clicks on your sites.

Supercharge your way to an online Empire. Everything you learn with this system is easy to duplicate. You are going to take your success to new heights by easily stacking on new sites.

Discover the truth about passive income. Once you do some initial setup, your sites will generate income for months and years to come. That is, if you set them up correctly. You will with this system.

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